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The Problem: Your paperwork is out of control! I can totally relate, mine was! I was drowning in it and dreaded the days I had to sift through it to find something. I was losing time, money and my sanity because my I didn’t have a plan to deal with my active paper. Until last year, when I learned about Organize 365’s Sunday Basket.

The Solution: It is a simple method- you collect all the paper in your house (I needed a LARGE laundry basket to hold all of mine), divide your paperwork (file, shred, recycle or active) and then place your active paperwork into your colorful slash pocket folders. Throughout the week this is where you drop your mail/bills, papers sent home from school that don’t need immediate attention and notes to yourself about your ‘to-dos.’ Then, once a week you take EVERYTHING out of your Sunday Basket and address every sheet of paper. Can this wait until next week? No? OK, let’s get it done now or plan a day in the coming week to accomplish it. If it CAN wait, then place it back in the Sunday Basket. Repeat weekly and you will gain control of your paperwork, calendar and time!


Take Action: In this 90 minute workshop, you will bring your (box, basket or bags) of paper to my home, I will explain the Sunday Basket method and then it’s work time! It’s a classroom style workshop, everyone working side by side on their own paper. You will gain confidence in your decision making and go home with a Sunday Basket and a plan.

Items you’ll need: a basket, tote or file box that will fit on your kitchen counter to be your Sunday Basket. Needs to be at least 15″ wide and 8″ tall.

Fee: $30, which includes the slash pocket folders, weekly planning sheets and instruction from a Professional Organizer!

I am super excited to partner with Lisa Woodruff of Organize365 and bring her simple, yet effective paper organization system to our community!

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