Timer Challenge: Kitchen Junk Drawer

Oh, the kitchen junk drawer… it is delayed decision making at its best! Junk drawers can be totally overwhelming, anything and everything gets stuffed in there! So, where do you start? Set a timer!

This week, I took the timer challenge and purged our junk drawer (I usually have to do this a few times a year). It had been neglected all summer and was a hot mess of tools, scratch paper, office supplies and a large collection of command hooks. I set my timer for 20 minutes and got to work (I did pause the timer occasionally to get the girls snacks and to set up a craft to keep them occupied!) I re-homed the tools to a shelf in our basement, put the scratch paper in my Sunday Basket, put office supplies away and created a little box for organizing tools (command hooks). After I had it all cleaned out, I wiped it out and measured the drawer and ordered drawer organizers (they came today!) The drawer organizers force me to have a place for all our needed items, and will (hopefully) prevent stuff from getting shoved back in this drawer!

Do you have a kitchen junk drawer? Set a timer for 20 minutes and tackle yours! Here are some quick things you can do before the timer runs out- throw out the trash, put away items that belong somewhere else, wipe/vacuum the drawer out, group like items together or measure the space and order drawer organizers to fit the drawer and your needs!

How’d it go? Show your before/after pics in the comments below!

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