Frozen by Perfection

As I write this I imagine that we are sitting at my favorite coffee shop, drinking fresh coffee (you know, the kind that hasn’t been reheated in the microwave 73 times? Yeah, I barely remember that kind either!), our kids are playing and we have a few moments to chat. I’m telling you about my dream to help other Mamas by decluttering, organizing and simplifying their homes & routines to decrease the overwhelm. Do you think this is something I can do? Can I teach and give advice about something that I am passionate about but not always perfect at? Shouldn’t I have a “Pinterest-Perfect” pantry and laundry routine in place before I help another Mama alphabetize her spices? (something I don’t do, BTW). Shouldn’t I be their perfect example?

No, my friend, no I shouldn’t!






Think about every pilot episode of a new TV show- it’s awkward. The writers are developing characters and story lines. Throughout that first season characters develop, relationships shift and story lines fade. Aspects of the show that don’t work are modified. Some of my favorite series (Sex and the City, Friends, Will & Grace) had their own growing pains. But what if the Producers decided to cancel after that first season because every detail of the show was not ‘perfect?’ Some of the best TV characters, friendships and romances would never have been realized had they been consumed by perfectionism?

I am hard-working, dedicated and compassionate. I have a love for learning and self-improvement. BUT I am also a recovering perfectionist. I used to subscribe to the theory that everything had to be “just right” in order for it to have meaning or be seen as successful or valid. I couldn’t enjoy summer unless I was at my perfect weight. I couldn’t have friends over until my house was decorated perfectly. I couldn’t share cute pictures of my girls on Facebook because the room they played in wasn’t perfectly organized. I have missed out on fun summer days at the pool, enjoying time with friends on my couch and sharing precious moments of my girls with family.  All because I was striving for perfection.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still strive to be healthy, have a clean & cozy home and great hair days but I am a work in progress. I now subscribe to the ideas of “Progress over Perfection” and “Done is Better than Perfect.”


Life is not about creating perfection, it’s about cultivating your purpose.




Do you struggle with perfectionism?  What have you put off doing because you didn’t have the rest of your life in “perfect” order?


2 thoughts on “Frozen by Perfection

  1. Megan says:

    So very true! Such a wonderful realization that we need not be perfect to be validated. ( I’m a recovering perfectionist as well…. I’ve come a long way but still so much more revolving to do!) this is not only healthy for you but your girls. You are setting a great example!


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